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A Strong Canadian Team 

Team Spartan’s offering proposes leveraging Leonardo Aircraft’s international success with the C-27J, GD Mission Systems – Canada’s proven system integration experience, and DRS’ training expertise in order to present the most qualified Canadian team with the most capable solution–to meet the RCAF’s requirements. 

The Partners 
General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada (GDMS-C): GDMS-C’s tactical data management system is the backbone of the CP-140 Block III aircraft, which has been receiving extraordinary praise in initial operations. This system is also at the core of the RCAF’s new CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopters. When these fleets reach full operational capability, this home-grown Canadian technology will make these assets the most advanced, and most capable maritime patrol aircraft in the world. This demonstrates that GD Mission Systems – Canada understands how to missionize platforms for RCAF use better than anyone else in the world. As Team Spartan’s mission system integrator, GDMS-C will leverage this expertise by installing an appropriate variant of the same Integrated Mission System on the C-27J. 

DRS Technologies Canada Ltd. (DRS): DRS will draw from more than 50 years of experience in its role as the training system integrator for Team Spartan.  As part of the acquisition team DRS will deliver a complete training suite including infrastructure, devices and courseware and will assume the role of training provider on the in-service support team, delivering all training for the FWSAR aircraft operators and maintainers.  DRS will develop an end-to-end, made-in-Canada training solution for FWSAR. 

Leonardo Aircraft offers over 100 years of experience as a global leader in the design, development, production and integrated support of commercial and military aircraft, trainers, unmanned aerial vehicles and aero-structures to the team. The company’s international success with current products, such as the M-346 and the C-27J tactical airlifter, has been well documented. Leonardo Aircraft is bringing its leading-edge aerospace solutions to Canada, and plans to integrate Canadian business into their global supply chain. 

In addition to the three-way partnership between Leonardo Aircraft, GD Mission Systems – Canada and DRS Technologies Canada, Team Spartan includes some prominent Canadian suppliers such as Kelowna Flightcraft, CMC Electronics, IMP Aerospace and L3 Wescam. 

As Tier 1 suppliers, these Canadian firms bring a wide variety of experience and expertise to the team. For example, KF Aerospace (KF Aero)  will be working with Team Spartan’s ISS integrator, GDMS-C to provide long-term maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) as well as engineering and supply chain support services for the C-27J FWSAR fleet across Canada. KF Aero brings strong capabilities as an MRO providing heavy maintenance, superior engineering services, engineering support, and supply chain management services to the team. In addition, Kelowna brings its hands-on experience as depot level maintenance provider for DND’s current FWSAR aircraft, the Buffalo (DHC-5) and Twin Otter (DHC-6).  Kelowna is 100 percent Canadian owned, with locations in Kelowna, British Columbia and Hamilton, Ontario, and represents the team’s continued commitment to delivering economic growth to Canadians. 

 IMP Aerospace is another strong Canadian supplier for Team Spartan. IMP will modify the baseline C-27J aircraft into the final FWSAR operational configuration and support Leonardo Aircraft during the aircraft delivery phase. IMP Aerospace’s high value activities will include installation of General Dynamics’ mission system, installation of flare launchers, interior design modifications (including the addition of pallets, containers, and additional seats), search radar radome design modification and installation of the EO/IR turret and search radar. Expanding Team Spartan’s Atlantic Canada presence, these key industrial modifications will be performed at IMP Aerospace’s full-service engineering and maintenance operation located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

CMC and L-3 Wescam are additional highly capable Canadian suppliers for Team Spartan. CMC supplies the new Flight Management System and the Electronic Flight Bag to the entire C-27J fleet while L-3 Wescam supplies the EO/IR Turret to the C-27J Special Version configuration, including FWSA

Bluedrop Training & Simulation shall provide the up-front and in-service training requirements for the C-27J FWSAR fleet across Canada.  For over 35 years Bluedrop has helped civilian and military personnel around the world perform at their highest possible level through the design and development of advanced courseware and state-of-the-art training technologies.  The Training and Simulation division meets the demands of today’s industry – providing blended training solutions from the classroom through to simulated virtual environments aimed at improving safety, productivity and efficiency.

ATCO Frontec, a Division of ATCO Structures & Logistics will be responsible for the design, build and maintenance of the new FWSAR Training Centre.  They are part of the ATCO Group, a Canadian company operating on 5 continents with experience in more than 100 countries around the world.  Publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange with its headquarters in Calgary, AB, ATCO is a $16 billion enterprise with more than 9,000 employees working in three Global Business Units engaged in Utilities, Energy, and Structures and Logistics.  ATCO Frontec is a long-standing infrastructure and site support services partner to the Department of National Defence, NORAD and NATO, currently operating in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, and across Canada and into Alert, Nunavut.

Best Value for Canada 

 Team Spartan’s approach to In Service Support (ISS) and access to Intellectual Property (IP) on the FWSAR program aligns seamlessly with the direction taken in the new Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS). Responsibility for this lies largely with Leonardo Aircraft, whose approach worldwide is based on the formation of strong in-country partnerships that includes the transfer of meaningful work to their local partners. Leonardo Aircraft will bring work in Canada and all relevant IP will be provided in-country, so that all the Canadian partners are able to perform that “very sophisticated, high-value work dependent on Intellectual Property” referred to in both the DPS and the new Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy. 

 Team Spartan offers real incremental value to Canadians, and is the FWSAR team that will create and support new work, new jobs and new opportunity within Canada’s aerospace sector. With Team Spartan it’s not ‘more of the same’, as is seen with some competitors, but rather organic growth across the industrial base. The C-27J will be supported in Canada, by Canadian companies for the life of the aircraft. This means building upon and leveraging the already robust Canadian supply chain of Canadian partners to create new economic opportunities for Canadian industry abroad.