The C-27J Spartan

The C-27J aircraft is the right-size for Canada’s FWSAR mission and for the country’s current budget environment. It is unique among its competitors because it represents the only single-aircraft fleet solution that can completely meet the demands of the country’s incredibly large area of SAR responsibility. The aircraft’s range, speed, and manoeuvrabilityare a match for Canada’s rugged terrain and unpredictable weather patterns. The C-27J is capable of reaching the most remote and austere locations in the country, including those in the far North and at sea, faster than competitors in its class. It can cover the search area quickly and stay on station for extended periods of time.  The maritime search role also presents a challenge well suited to the C-27J’s pedigree as a military airlifter. The low and slow search profile puts a great deal more stress on an aircraft than high altitude flight. The C-27J is a very resilient airframe, purpose built with the rigours of tactical transport in mind. Its powerful turboprop engines provide sufficient excess power to maneuver safely at low altitude in the event of an engine failure. Its redundant systems derived from its tactical airlifter heritage, including an auxiliary power unit, further enhance its ability to perform in this very difficult environment.

The C-27J is a perfect fit for Canada’s FWSAR needs.

Right for the mission. Ready for Canada.

C-27J At a Glance

Length 22.7 m (74.5 ft)
Wingspan 28.7 m (94.2 ft)
Height 9.64 m (31.6 ft)
Payload 11,100 kg (24,471 lbs)
Max. Takeoff Weight 31,800 kg (70, 107 lbs)
Powerplant 2x Rolls Royce AE2100D2A (4,637 shp each)
Max. Cruise Speed 315 knots (602 km/hr)
Max./Std. Cruise Ceiling 30,000/27,500 ft
1 Engine Ceiling (60,000 lbs) 20,000 ft
Steep Descent Capability 4000 ft/min (up to 30 sec at zero to negative g)
Service Ceiling 9,144 m (30,000 ft)
Capacity 60 troops or 46 paratroops
Crew 2 Pilots, 1 Sensor Operator, 1 Flight Engineer & 2 SAR Techs

Additional Features