Search and Rescue is about saving lives

C-27J Spartan

When it comes to saving lives, compromise is not an option. Canada’s unpredictable weather patterns - both on and offshore - require a manoeuvrable and flexible aircraft to effectively perform in these dangerous conditions. In Canada, capable and effective Fixed Wing Search & Rescue (FWSAR) is crucial, however, the current fleet of aging aircraft lack key capabilities. Canada needs an aircraft that operates in harsh environments, across vast terrains and provide the speed necessary to swiftly reach those in need.

The twin-engine C-27J has been designed, built and equipped for completely autonomous deployment in extreme conditions such as those found in Canada’s North. The aircraft operates safely from even the most remote, isolated Canadian locations. Priced competitively, the C-27J meets Canada’s SAR requirements at as little as one third of the operating cost of the current aging fleets used for this role. Alenia North America - Canada is working with Canadian industry to establish partnerships and agreements that will provide a robust suite of Canadian technology and life-cycle support.

In production since 2001, the C-27J Spartan has been selected by a total of ten national air forces. The aircraft have been delivered to Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, the United States, Lithuania, Romania, Morocco and Mexico and has been selected by Slovakia and Australia.

The FWSAR program will provide over $3 billion worth of work and support for hundreds of high quality jobs in support of the Industry Canada Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) program - an outstanding economic stimulus for Canada’s aerospace sector.